Search Trends: Sneaker Consignment Shops (Since 2004)

The Best Online Sneaker Shops

Comparing Flight Club, Stadium Goods, and RIF LA since 2004.

Top Sneaker Consignment Shops in the US

The above data is provided by Google Trends, which allows anyone to see the latest trends, data, and visualizations directly from Google. In other words, this data can be used to show a relative level of interest over time for a topic, product, company, and more.

Obviously, here at 513 Kicks, we love sneakers. But we also love digital marketing, SEO, data, and entrepreneurship. This post will blend these passions together, which is something that hasn’t been done – yet.

Now let’s learn a little more about each of these consignment shops.

Flight Club

For over a decade, Flight Club has been a destination for all sneakerheads. There is no question that Flight Club changed the landscape of how sneakers are sold in person and online. Flight Club is recognized worldwide by even the most casual sneakerheads and is a “destination store” without a doubt. With two brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles, Flight Club is a can’t-miss stop if you’re in either city. With over 27,000 pages indexed in Google, it is safe to assume that Flight Club has the biggest online inventory of any shop. Flight Club’s dominant online presence is reflected in the chart above, you can see the level of interest in online searches steadily grow and then skyrocket starting in 2011.

  • Indexed Pages (Google): 27,400
  • Backlinks: 475,000
  • Organic Keywords: 922,000
  • Organic Traffic (per month): 5 million visits
  • Traffic Value (monthly): $1.4 million
  • Website Registration Date: 3-22-2008

Stadium Goods

Officially launching their website in late 2015, Stadium Goods is newer to the scene when compared to Flight Club, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not providing some of the most sought-after sneakers, ever. They are committed to providing the best customer and consignment experience and have taken cues from companies like Apple. You can check out Stadium Goods in person if you’re in New York, or you can visit their website anytime. The chart above reflects when their online presence started to gain traction and the growth has been steady since that point in 2015.

  • Indexed Pages (Google): 19,900
  • Backlinks: 166,000
  • Organic Keywords: 260,000
  • Organic Traffic (per month): 139,000 visits
  • Traffic Value (monthly): $59,400
  • Website Registration Date: 7-22-2014


Opened in 2006, RIF is one of the first successful sneaker consignment shops. The concept was simple, sell rare and hard to find footwear and clothing. Now, RIF boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of rare goods and also a successful in-house brand. The RIF team is knowledgeable and has been working in the sneaker industry for well over a decade. Although RIF’s online presence isn’t in the same bracket as Flight Club or other shops, that hasn’t been a focal point for the company. RIF has quite a few different web properties so their presence is spread around a bit, as opposed to having one central website. If you’re in California, you can visit one of RIF’s LA locations or the one location that they have in San Francisco.

  • Indexed Pages (Google): 7,880
  • Backlinks: 40,000
  • Organic Keywords: 32,100
  • Organic Traffic (per month): 25,600 visits
  • Traffic Value (monthly): $9,000
  • Website Registration Date: 11-03-2006

What to take away…

There is no doubt that each of these shops is wildly successful. It is also clear that their approach to marketing varies, and there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to marketing your business, you have to be true to your brand and know your clientele’s preferences. Flight Club dominates the online landscape for sneaker consignment shops, but Stadium Goods is growing, and RIF isn’t going anywhere.

Thoughts? Is this data surprising or no?


Search Trends: Sneaker Consignment Shops (Since 2004)
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Search Trends: Sneaker Consignment Shops (Since 2004)
Let's learn a little more about the top consignment shops in the country - Flight Club, Stadium Goods, and RIF.
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